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Water Finding Paste

Water Finding Paste is a pink paste which in contact with water changes color,
showing the presence of water in gas oil tanks.


Product Description


Water Finding Paste meets the requirements of MIL-W-83779.
Place a thin film of Water Finding Paste paste on a clean gauge line rod,
approximately where water level is expected to appear. Dip rod into tank until bottom
is reached.
The pink color of Water Finding Paste changes to red in contact with water level.
The change of color is instantaneous in gasoline or kerosene and a few seconds
longer for dark oils.
Technical properties
Melting point : > 50 oC
Time of changing color : 30 seconds max.
Appearance : Homogeneous paste.
Stability : Undeteriorated for one year maximum.
 Water Finding Paste is not harmful for the health of personnell.
Tubes of 85 grams.




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