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RAPIDO Unblocking sewage liquid

RAPIDO is a powerful, acidic drain opener that acts directly.

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It is ideal for unclogging the entire sewer system (piping, siphons, sinks, bathtubs, basins etc) and decomposing accumulated fats, soaps, hairs, napkins, food scraps, paper.

Eliminates unpleasant odors.

Usage: Remove stagnant water.

There should be no residues of other chemical product. Ensure good aeration of the space.

Initially pour small amount directly to the drain.

If there is no ejection of droplets continue until you reach the required amount.

You can also block the sewer after the product has been disposed of with a heavy object that is resistant to the product. Allow the product to act for 30 minutes.

After trying with some water that the problem is resolved, pour out plenty of water to remove the residue.

Ιn the case of persistent problem, repeat the process.Do not use in: plastic bathtubs and sinks. In the case of a non-stainless steel metal grate, remove it before using the product.

Storage: In a shady place. Keep away from food

.Dosage: For unblocking sinks and basins: 250ml.

For unblocking water pipes and grease collectors: 500ml.

Central sewer network: 1L

Composition: Sulfuric acid, color.


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