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X-FROST 12 is a special product, containing ethyleneglycol, sequestering

agents and other anti-corrosive compounds.

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X-FROST 12 is suitable for the cooling water systems such as diesel

engines,internal combustion engines,car refridgerators, central heating, solar boilers e.t.c.

and generally, where a low freezing point is requested.


a. Low Pour point

b. Provides the cooling water with Anti – corrosion properties.

c. Prevents salt deposits.


X-FROST 12 is normally used neat and does not freeze at temperatures up

to -12 oC.

When diluted with water the pour point rises.

Indicatively when diluted with water in a ratio 1:1 the pour point rises up to -5 oC.

For more concentrated product that may be diluted with water or a product for a lower


Appearance : Clear red liquid

Freezing point : Less than -12 oC.

pH : Higher than 8.

Specific gravity : 1.05 + 0.02


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