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Stone Cleaner

X-KAM is a liquid cleaner that, unlike common cleaners,

manages to penetrate the surface of the stone and remove difficult and persistent stains (cement residues, oils, fats, mud, salts, mold, etc.). Reopens the original look

in multi-stranded stones. Suitable for pure natural stones

(Karystos, Karpathos, Pelion etc)


Product Description

Instructions for use

The application surface must be clean and dry. To remove suffixes cementitious cement, spread the material undiluted with a hardened  to act for 3-4 minutes.

Finally rinse with plenty of water. To remove stubborn stains, use the material with a dilution in water of 30% -50%. Sprinkle and rub with sponge or

hard vacuum for 2-3 minutes. Finally rinse with plenty of water. One liter is sufficient for cleaning

surface area of 6-8m2



In case of doubt about surface strength in the product, try before


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