CEMENT REMOVER is a liquid acid type product, that effectively removes

cement from cement transportation vehicles reservoirs, for the transfer of cement to

vessels, machinery, pumps, wooden floors etc.

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It is used as is or diluted with water in a concentration of 10 – 40 % in water

depending on the glued amount of cement. It is effective either cold or warm. For

best results it is recommended to be used in a temperature up to 60o C.

The re-circulation helps with the dissolution of the cement. The time needed

to act is between 15 – 30 minutes depending on the amount of cement.

For the calculation of the necessary amount of the product needed you must

keep in mind that about 1 kilo of the product dissolves 1 kilo of cement.

Apply by any conventional method such as hard brush, mop, sponge, spray,

etc. Allow the product to act from 15 – 30 minutes and wash thoroughly by applying

high-pressure water.

During the reaction of the product with cement bubbles are created, this is an

indication that the product is still active. When the bubbling stops it is an indication

that the cement is completely dissolved or the product is neutralized. Afterwards

check the system and if there are still traces of concrete add some more of the

product and repeat the above procedure.

When the system is cleaned, rinse with plenty of water, fill the system with

water and add our product KEM-NUTRO in the dosage of 1,5 – 3%. Heat at a

temperature of 50 – 60o C for about two hours, empty the system and rinse with water.


Avoid contact with skin, clothes, and especially eyes. The use of protective

measures such as, gloves, masks, glasses etc. is necessary. In case of contact, rinse

immediately with plenty of water. Also when cleaning any system the area should be

well ventilated.


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