RUST-CONVERTER is a thin, liquid metal treatment compound which, when

applied to rusted metal, chemically changes the rust (iron oxide) into iron phosphate.

Therefore moisture and oxygen do not attack the metal. The surface produced

is an inert, hard and grayish surface which will serve as a firm base for paint.

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Product Description

RUST-CONVERTER is a metal primer not a paint. One gallon of the product

covers approximately 600 square feet.

No mixing is necessary because RUST-CONVERTER is furnished in the

proper strength for use.

RUST-CONVERTER can also be used on new ferrous metal, aluminum and

galvanized iron. It produces a toothed, slightly porous surface to which paint will grip

and cling, forming a tight, lasting bond.


1. On Rusted Surfaces: Remove loose rust or scale. Apply by brush, dip,

spray or swab and let it dry overnight then paint. A powdery grayish

surface usually develops, indicating that it has reacted with the metal.

Now moisture cannot penetrate to metal. Brush off any loose powder,

apply primer and then finish coat.

2. On New Metals: Pre-clean by removing excess oil or grease with mineral

solvent or with our product, LECTROKLEEN. Apply RUST CONVERTER

by brush, dip, spray or swab. Let it dry overnight, brush

off any loose powder and the surface is ready for painting.


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