Cesspool Cleaner

X-VOTH   Sewer and drain cleaner.

A special product for waste decomposition.

X-VOTH  is heavier than water and flows through it, easily reaching to where solidified fats and scum close the pores of the walls of the cesspool.

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Product Description

The cleaner works on the pipe walls of the sewer system, disolving all accumulations.

It effectively breaks down the fats and scum, opening the pores of the walls. The wastewater is now free to drain through the newly opened pores of the cesspool walls.

The avoidance of the cesspool overflow, the unpleasant odors and the necessity for frequent evacuations leads to savings.

X-VOTH is used for cleaning sewer piping and opening the pores of cesspools.

It is applied either to the piping system or directly to the tank


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