Mould Cleaner

Powerful cleaner that is highly effective for the immediate removal of mold  from indoor and outdoor surfaces.

It removes mold , black spots, algae, moss, lichens and other micro organisms from spots and areas with moisture concentration.

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Product Description

Offers a high cleaning action in high moisture indoor spaces. Spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens, warehouses, cellars, as well as cottages and vacation houses that remain unused for a long time.

It is also ideal for spots and areas with high water vapor concentration, e.g. tile joints in bathtubs and sinks as well as showers.

Use it outdoors, under balconies, in flower boxes, on natural stone steps, on clay tile roofs, flat roofs prior to their waterproofing, and many other spaces.

Rinse well, allow for the surface to completely dry .

Is a highly drastic cleaning liquid.

During application and rinsing, it is recommended to use protective gloves.

Protect and/or cover, as needed possible, sensitive areas or plants, around the application surface.

Spray from 20-25cm away, and let the material act for approximately10 minutes.

Following, rinse with plenty of water.


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