X-AIR Professional In 4L

X-AIR Professional is a liquid product which is used for the interior cleaning of airconditioners,

(evaporators, pipes, a-coils, filters, etc. It effectively removes hard

water deposits, dirt, dust, lint, oil, grease, mud, atmospheric stains, from a/c and

heater coils fins).

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Product Description


a) It is non flammable.

b) Does not contain petroleum and chlorinated solvents.

c) It has a pleasant scent.

d) Safe on all metals, including sensitive metals such as aluminum, tin,

magnesium etc.

e) Low foaming

Cleaning air conditioners with X-AIR Professional  increases air flow and unit

efficiency while destroying bacteria and eliminating odors.


X-AIR Professional out is used neat or diluted with water in proportion 1 part of X-AIR Professional up to 5 parts of water and is applied by spray or brush.


Avoid contact with eyes and skin. For further information refer to Material Safety

Data Sheet (MSDS).


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