Removes rust and salts from doors, balcony rails, car sheets, boats etc.

For professional use.

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Product Description


Description: SKOUR-X  is a liquid product that removes rust and corrosion with the following advantages:

a)    Except for rust and corrosion, because it also contains active ingredients, removes oils, abrasives etc. and acts as a general purpose cleaner.

b)    It contains anti-corrosion agents and is safe on all metals.

c)    It achieves a slight phosphating on the surfaces being applied and is ideal for metal treatments before painting.

d)    It is safe on the colored surfaces. Removes only the rust in spots where it is, due to the corrosion of the paint, and gives a bright and fresh-painted look.

Usage:  SKOUR-X is used to remove rust, corrosion, soot, oil, etc. It removes rust from paint cracks and it is also used for cleaning and polishing surfaces (tiles, bricks, marble) and wooden decks of ships.

Application: It is applied with a brush as it is or diluted with water in a proportion of a part of material in four to six parts of water, depending on the cleaning cases.


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